Merb Overheard Launched

Recently, Merb has been getting a lot of attention. With significant changes leading up to the 1.0 release, and now with it's own conference, the Merb community needs a centralized place where relevant information can be found. Say hello to Merb Overheard.

Merb Overheard follows the planet-type aggregation sites similar to Planet Ruby on Rails and Planet PHP. It follows a list of relevant blogs and aggregates those articles into one place.

When I first decided to build Merb Overheard I was originally planning on writing it in Merb of course, but I starting to realize all the battles I was going to have ahead of me. Caching and pagination of no database objects were not something I really wanted to deal with, so I decided to try something different. Instead of trying to shove the aggregator into a framework, why not just build out the pages statically?

Merb Overhead is just a plain old ruby script that gets ran every 30 minutes from a cron task. Each time it is ran, all the pages are recreated using Erubius. This script, weighing in at a whopping 8 lines of code, implements two classes in a library I wrote called Pluto. The class for the feed aggregator is only 30 lines. The class to generate the view is only 45 lines.

The code is released on Github so go nuts creating collecting all your Furby Fan Club sites or whatever else strikes your fancy.

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