Major Change to Hash.from_xml in Rails 2.3.4

Recently after upgrading a Rails app to Rails 2.3.4 I noticed some calls from a SOAP service throwing errors. After a little investigation I found this commit:

The problem is that since String#underscore lowercases the string, any Hashes created using Hash.from_xml with xml that contain any capital letters in the node names will break when updating to Rails 2.3.4.

XML is case-sensitive, so reverting back to using underscore probably isn't going to happen, but this is definitely something that should have been a bigger focus at the release of 2.3.4.

For apps using Hash.to_xml that would like to upgrade to Rails 2.3.4 with there existing codebase, I created a small plugin to revert back to the using .underscore when creating a hash from XML.

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